New release: 2HAC Volume 14: "Entropy"

I contributed a track to the latest Two-Hour Album Challenge (2HAC), "Entropy".  My song is called "Gone Missing" and is about my dad, who passed away recently after struggling with dementia.  This was by far the most personal, intense, draining piece of art I've ever created, and I'm still in shock that I was able to compose and perform a song like that.  You can download the album for free on Bandcamp, though if you purchase it for any price, all proceeds go to Angel of Hope Animal Rescue.  Help the kitties out!

Entropy [2HAC Volume 14], by Various Artists
The Two Hour Album Challenge (2HAC) is a community-driven challenge to collectively start and complete an album of music in two hours. At the start of the challenge, a theme is chosen randomly. Each participant then independently (or collaboratively) writes a song with that theme in mind using a…